Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 1: Song for the Children

June 16, 2019

DISCLAIMER: If you’re new to LMAHMpod, please jump to Ep.13+ & if you enjoy, feel free to return to the ‘early years’ later on (when you’ll overlook variable editing and sound). Thanks and welcome!

Episode one. To contribute to this episode's movie idea, email letsmakeahorrormovie@gmail.com & we'll add it to the cauldron of nonsense in next episode's catch-up section.

05:24m - Horror Pitch: Song for the Children
16:41m - Pitch Post-mortem
24:32m - Cultural highlights inc. The Terror, The Perfection, The Horus Heresy, 'guy in wall' movies and the best 'sh*t in the face' scene ever committed to film.