Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 14: Sunken Gods

December 18, 2019

Grab life by the neck, wrestle it to the ground and kick it to death with us in Episode 14 – the first of our two Christmas Specials! An aural Christmas stocking, it’s filled with glitter and pool balls, ready to be liberally applied to the face or head. Magical. It’s a Dave week and in Act 3 we cover off ‘Kid Smack’ and the problems of getting heroin for children at Christmas, as well as a getting a belting Horror Movie Pitch set in Ancient Greece – ‘Sunken Gods’. Act 1 sees some grim but wonderful listener updates to Ep13’s ‘Goodbye Tomorrow’ pitch, and Act 2 does a whistle-stop tour of the few things we’ve had the time to look at or hear, what with it being Christmas ‘n all. And there’s a bonus 4min ‘shot in the face’ analogy that really gets put through some gymnastics… If you like this episode, give us a Peregrine on Chopsy! (see Act 4).  

Act 1 – 3:45   – Listener updates to ‘Goodbye Tomorrow’

Act 2 – 14:53 – This week’s horrorishy cultural highlights

Act 3 – 22:53 – Horror Pitch: Sunken Gods

Act 4 – 56:32 – Pitch Post Mortem, Title Brainstorm & nonsense.

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