Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 15: Trying Christmas

January 1, 2020

As 2020 rises from the ashes of 2019, Jon delivers his latest Horror Movie pitch in the form of ‘Trying Christmas’ – part two of our Christmas Specials! With touches of a historically accurate Victorian London throughout, this episode delivers all the usual farce. Act 1 sees some audience updates to last Episode’s ‘Sunken God’s pitch, Act 2 takes a Christmassy turn about the cultural grounds of the last fortnight, and Act 3 is Jon’s family-Christmas horror-pitch with a bunch of additional nonsense immediately preceding it. Act 4 is 5 mins of post-mortem followed by a quick name-search and hugely inappropriate laughing session to do with orphans. It’s really not a laughing matter.

Act 1 – 4:24m   – Listener updates to ‘Sunken Gods’
Act 2 – 12:54m – This week’s horrorishy cultural highlights
Act 3 – 23:42m – Horror Pitch: Trying Christmas
Act 4 – 47:00m – Pitch Post-mortem, naming & utter nonsense

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