Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 18: Mission

February 19, 2020

Stepping up like a true gentleman when co-host Dave is in need, Jon takes the reins again this week with ‘Mission’. A bleak, claustrophobic horror set in a house of Nuns. A Mission, if you will. *cough* Anyhoo, in a blasphemous break from tradition, this is the second Jon-pitch episode in a row, but boy it delivers! Dave does contribute a bit by causing the sound to go haywire for the first 3 mins before finally arriving at something moderately audible. It’s worth it though as in Act 1 we receive some feedback castigation from ‘JDubz’ (and some ideas for Ep17’s pitch), Act 2 touches on a few books before veering off into ‘Zulu Jesus’, Act 3 of course is Jon’s dark pitch ‘Mission’, and bringing up the rear as always now in Act 4 is a quick natter on the pitch ideas before more Zulu Jesus, some Jonny Ghand, Sister Rodimus Prime and the Great Star Wars controversy of 'One Glove'. 

Act 1 – 02:36m - Listener feedback & updates to Ep17’s pitch ‘Nuckelavee Country’.
Act 2 – 14:19m - This fortnight’s horrorishy cultural highlights
Act 3 – 23:54m - Horror Pitch: Mission
Act 4 – 48:14m - Pitch Post-morten, title brainstorm, Zulu Jesus + Jonny Ghandi + Sister Rodimus Prime + Star Wars 'One Glove' controversy

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