Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 24: he Lies Bleeding

July 13, 2020

Episode 24 thumps into your ears with all the subtlety of a Schwerer Gustav cannon, providing a horrific return to the diabolical in Jon’s pitch ‘he Lies Bleeding’ (yes, with a small h. Ffs). In Act 1 we get two rounds of listener feedback and updates to The Barber and The Butchers – Netflix, honestly, just give us a call – and in Act 2 we get another classic Dave rant, this time Marvel’s Hawkeye is in his sights, alongside a quick jaunt past the horror movies Hagazussa and Insidious 4, as well as some nonsense.

Act 3 of course is the pitch – that is why you are here – and in Act 4 we get the usual commentary followed by the History of Podcasting and some of it’s key figures, as well as how you can get involved in the latest print-publishing phenomenon: ‘The Podcaster’s Podcaster’ and ‘Podcaster’s Monthly’.

Act 1 – 04:23m – Listener Feedback on Ep23 ‘The Barber and The Butchers’
Act 2 – 16:27m – Last fortnight’s horrorishy cultural highlights (and rant)
Act 3 – 27:00m – Horror Pitch: he Lies Bleeding
Act 4 – 53:47m - Pitch Post-mortem & title brainstorm + website offers, history etc.

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