Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 25: The Moon Cursers

July 27, 2020

King George III has just taken the throne and may still hold the colonies, but back home in pitch-black London-by-night, eerie things have been going down and Link Boys are in the frame… That’s right, its Episode 25 and Dave delivers another one of his historical Horror Movie pitch/walk-throughs in Act 3 – “The Moon Cursers”. Its proper grim, so consider this fair warning. It’s worth it though, I’m sure.  

Act 1 as usual sees listener feedback on the previous episode’s horror pitch - Jon’s ‘he Lies Bleeding’, and Act 2 covers off Horror Movies Metamorphosis, Relic, and 1BR / Apartment 1BR (though there’s more to come on 1BR next week in a special episode - shhhhh!!!). And Act4 as usual is our title-search and a sprinkling of your weekly LMAHMpod bollocks.


Act 1 – 04:12m – Listener Feedback on Ep24 ‘he Lies Bleeding’
Act 2 – 13:11m – Last fortnight’s horrorishy cultural highlights
Act 3 – 18:44m – Horror Pitch: The Moon Cursers
Act 4 – 55:26m - Pitch Post-mortem & title brainstorm + website offers, history etc.


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