Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 31: It Cuts Deep Interview - LMAHMpod Meets…

November 18, 2020

LMAHMpod Meets… ‘It Cuts Deep’ in Episode 31! Writer & Director Nicholas Payne Santos, and co-stars Charles Gould and Quinn Jackson join hosts Dave & John for a chinwag about their fantastic new Horror-Comedy. Out now on VOD, It Cuts Deep gets the prestigious LMAHMpod “HnH” award and we recommend you watch immediately, or after you’ve joined us in Act 3 for the interview…

Act 2 this month sees a roundup of October’s Frightfest horror festival picks, covering 14 fantastic new horror movies, and a 15th one which we really get into the weeds on (The Nights Before Christmas). Extra shout-outs to The Pale Door, Broil, For The Sake of Vicious, The Reckoning and Sacrifice - keep an eye out for these! Plus all the new-normal nonsense you’ve come to expect.

"The scenes where I had to do real acting were horrifying and I hated them." - Charles Gould.

Act 1 – 03:42m – Feedback and such.
Act 2 – 12:44m – Frightfest 2020 picks & The Nights Before Christmas.
Act 3 – 34:38m – Interview with 'It Cuts Deep' (42:10m)
Act 4 – 68:34m – Thanks & see you again soon!

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