Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 4: A Long Way From God

July 23, 2019

After a nightmarish mishap with the original Ep4 audio, Jon & Dave persevered. In this episode we recap on The Devil & Satan, mooch over a few movie gems (with a frank and bizarre reflection on the 'Cats' trailer) and get stuck into another Dave-pitch, this time about 'The Nuckelavee'. Its a Scottish one.

Act 1 - 5:07 mins   - The Devil & Satan feedback
Act 2 - 9:50 mins   - This fortnight's cultural shenanigans inc. Calibre and The Night Shifter
Act 3 - 22:46 mins - Horror Pitch: A Long Way From God, plus associated banter.
'The Sharrow' - 72:38 mins