Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 5: Triceratops

August 4, 2019

It’s a Jon/John pitch-week. The Sawney Bean origin story movie-pitch from Ep 4 gets deliciously updated in Act 1, adding a bit more sauce to ‘the Beans’. Dave loses his marbles over 2003’s ‘TipToes’ whilst Jon advocates for more cannibalism in print. Also, Act 3 sees Jon pitch his dystopian nightmare movie – Triceratops.

Act 1 – 8:14 mins  - A Long Way From God feedback
Act 2 - 17:10 mins - TipToes, El Gigante, The Terror, nonsense
Act 3 - 30:18 mins - Horror Pitch: Triceratops

PS please excuse the poor sound in this one, we were attacked by spiders, again. 100% Guaranteed better sound in the next ep or we’ll give everyone a free Lament Configuration! Get involved in Ep 6: Email: letsmakeahorrormovie@gmail.com Twitter: @LMAHMpod