Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 6: The Haymaker’s Daughter

August 19, 2019

Continuing Dave & Jon's Horror Movie Pitch adventure, Dave regains the reins for this week's Horror effrontery. In this episode Act 1 sets The Triceratops on the right track with an embarrassment of listener improvements, someone continues picking holes in Ep4's demonic island antics and in Act 2 we discover Jon has been 'building up' to IT 2 in a sort of metaphysical sense whilst Dave has been putting things in his ears. Act 3 is another small mental breakdown. This time in t'English countryside in a not so distant future… or future past.. or future future.. or something..

Act 1: 3:31 mins    - Triceratops Feedback & welcome
Act 2: 16:13 mins  - This week's horror highlights inc. Arrow Video Podcast & Bloodstock
Act 3: 27:58 mins  - Horror Pitch: The Haymaker's Daughter
Act 4: 63:55 mins  - Pitch post-mortem & title brainstorm

As always, contributions & input welcomed – find as at letsmakeahorrormovie@gmail.com and/or Twitter @LMAHMpod