Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 7: Empty Skin

September 3, 2019

It's a Jon/John/Jhoyn pitch this week and it's a banger. His longest yet at 2 whole sides of A4! In this episode we cover off listener input & questions for 'The Haymakers Daughter', get some FrightFest movie updates from Jon and 2 bizarre rants from Dave. One on the 'live action' Lady and The Tramp' and the other on Mothman - the latter so unhinged we've given it a rare 4th Act status. With Act 3 bringing JJJ's pitch 'Empty Skin' - a creature feature!

Act 1 - 04:50m - Listener updates to The Haymaker's Daughter
Act 2 - 18:10m - This week's horror highlights (Frightfest inc. Why Don't You Just Die, Spiral, Daniel Isn't Real)
Act 3 - 26:07m - Horror Pitch: Empty Skin
Act 4 - 39:01m - Pitch post-mortem & Mothman rant

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