Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Episode 8: Spoils Of War

September 16, 2019

It’s a Dave week. He’s had a drink, a bit tired, prone to a rant and more than a little bit sweary, however in Act 3 delivers ‘Spoils of War’, a horror movie pitch of [potentially] epic proportions, set in Asia Minor. Jon answers some feedback on Ep.7’s ‘Empty Skin’ pitch and accuses Stephen King of ‘borrowing’ his ideas, plus a quick note on Korean movie The Wrath as well as all the usual nonsense...  Oh and we have an intro. For now at least.

Act 1  -  06:05m - Listener input for Ep.7’s ‘Empty Skin’
Act 2  -  17:24m - Fortnightly Horror Highlights inc. Jeff Vandermeer & Ambergris Trilogy + The Wrath movie
Act 3  -  28:46m - Horror Pitch: Spoils Of War
Act 4  -  60:06m - Post-mortem bits & pieces

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