Let’s Make a Horror Movie

Memento Morisode #1 : Behind the Curtain

April 8, 2020

LMAHMpod’s Memento Morisodes are the new normal until the Corona virus ‘does one’, to use the parlance of the locality, and this is the first one so get involved!

Kicking off with an update on LMAHMpod’s situation, courtesy of Ozzy, we move swiftly into feedback on Episode 20’s pitch ‘King Fae’ before a tidy, sensible and completely uninterrupted wrap-up. All of which not only involves singular host Dave, but all the voice-artist guests we’ve had on the last 9 or so episodes – even Robert Durst is back! So six guests, plus Dave, but no Jon. It's a real glimpse behind the curtain...

Act 1 – 04:15 – Feedback on King Fae
Act 2 – 13:48 – Wrap Up and a quick note on all our other Podcasts.

As ever, contributions & input welcomed – find as at letsmakeahorrormovie@gmail.com or Twitter @LMAHMpod, Instagram, The Guild of Clives, Binary Phone, House visit, Semaphore, Stigmata, etc

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